Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tips for designing your buttons.

We have just published an article with a few tips for creating high quality buttons over at our website. Take a look! Button Design Tips

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The History Of Pinback Buttons

The History of Pinback Buttons

Do you love pinback buttons, and wonder how they got their start?  The first recorded use of pinback buttons in a political campaign was in 1789 when none other than George Washington was running for the President of the United States.  

The pinback buttons used then are much different than the safety pinback buttons that are used today.  This design shows how early pinback buttons had the pin on the outside of the button, which most certainly led to the occasional “pin in the skin”.

Modern pinback buttons utilize a safety pinback which prevents accidental poking of the skin, and keeps the button securely fastened to your shirt, jacket, bag, cap, or any other item.

The safety pinback hasn’t been the only invention in the history of pinback buttons.  Numerous inventions, some simple, some complex, have dotted the timeline of pinback buttons.

One key invention early in the life of pinback buttons were the use of a protective coating on top of the artwork.  Prior to this invention by Benjamin Whitehead, also the inventory of the safety pinback, artwork was subjected to abrasions, and smudging.  You can read about this clever invention here: US493003, and about the safety pinback patent here: US773419

These initial inventions had to do with improving the quality, and safety of the pinback buttons themselves.  Later inventions focused on reducing costs associated with the manufacturing of pinback buttons, and led to the invention of Tecre’s 1095 electric button machine. Patent: US 4829662 A

Over the years the Tecre company has added shapes, sizes, and added to their patent portfolio with many innovations.  These unique products, and commitment to innovation has enabled Tecre to sell millions upon millions of button components to resellers around the global.

Pinback buttons have had a long life, and will continue to do so into the future due to their low cost, and their ability to convey important messages.

They can even help you win a Presidential Campaign!