Friday, March 1, 2013

Custom Buttons as Advertising Buttons

Custom pinback buttons are a great way to advertise your new product, service, or organization.  Pinback buttons are a non-aggressive way to reach your customers, sharing information with them through a subtle,  yet effective, pin on a shirt or apron.

Many large retailers, as well as small, use custom buttons to promote their holiday sales and limited time offers.  While they don't publish their campaign success stories, one can assume they are successful as they continue to use this type of promotion.  If custom buttons are a great advertising tool for their companies, they will likely be for your company as well.

You can read about how JcPenny used 80 million custom buttons between black Friday, and Christmas Eve, to get customers into their stores.

Also shown below is an example of a promotional button campaign, used to increase the service departments revenue, and to better serve the customer.

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